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Complete Hives available in Mid-March

I will have 50 hives ready for sale by the middle of march. They will include a deep box, top, bottom and 5 to 6 frames of bees. They will be sold on a first-come -first- serve basis. Anyone interested should email [email protected] or call 803-422-2101. The price is $200. 


                  STEEL REBAR HIVE STANDS

- Special Introductory Price of $22.00  - these sturdy hive stand were designed by one of our members, Mike Radcliffe.  They are virtually indestructable, very portable and built to last a lifetime! They raise your hive box off  the ground a couple of feet which means less bending and stooping (GREAT for those of us with bad backs!)  Soon these stands may be sold in bee supply catalogs but they WON'T be available at THIS price!  Contact Mike at 803-438-8481 or at [email protected] to order your stands.