An affiliate of the South Carolina Beekeepers Association

Our History

Our group held their first "official" meeting in January of 2009 at the Seafood Hut in Camden with just three charter members in attendance.  The group continued to grow each month and eventually decided to change our meeting location to the Kershaw Homemakers Building, which is a popular public meeting spot managed by the Kershaw County Clemson Extension office.  

Our Members

We are a very diverse group of individuals who share a common interest in beekeeping.  We come from various backgrounds and different walks of life.  While beekeeping is a hobby or sideline for most of us, beekeeping serves as the livelyhood for at least one of our members!  Our occupations or "real jobs" are as varied as our backgrounds.  We have members who are small business owners, farmers, plumbers, doctors, counselors and lots more.  It is the amazing little insect commonly known as the honey bee that brings us all together! 


Members of our 2011 Beginners Beekeeping Class meet with experienced beekeepers at a bee yard outside Camden for their final "gloves on" session!