An affiliate of the South Carolina Beekeepers Association


The Officers of the Wateree Beekeepers as required by our Constitution and Bylaws consist of a President, a Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  We also have three Directors.  Our Current Officers and Directors are listed below:

Board of Directors:  Rob Wilder (term January 2017-December, 2019) Hick Etters (term January 2018-December 2020) and Wayne Surret (Term January 2019-December 2021)

Officers:  Glenn Severt - President (Term expires December, 2019) Herman Newman, Vice-President (Term expires December, 2020) and Beth Munn - Treasurer (Term expires December, 2019) and Secretary (open)

President - Glenn Severt

I am a retired Systems Engineer, with 30 years of experience in higher education, primarily within computer networking, test systems interface and web design. I am a Journeyman Beekeeper with 55 years of experience in agriculture, involving a livestock and grain farming. My background includes major changes in technology and practices. Our home apiary is a Certified Naturally Grown apiary, and we look forward to hosting individuals who are interested in keeping bees and learning this challenging hobby. Even though I have only been beekeeping for a few years, I believe that together we can improve our organization and upgrade a few things and take our presentations, teaching and mentoring, to a higher level.

Vice President - Herman Newman 


Secretary/Treasurer - Beth Munn 


Director - Alex "Hick" Etters

Hick has been keeping bees for many years and he is one of the unofficial "go to" guys of the Wateree Beekeepers Association.  When folks have questions, they often pick up the phone and call Hick.  It took us awhile, but we eventually talked Hick into doing presentations in front of the group to share his years of knowledge.  He and his wife Christine were charter members of the group.

Director - Robert Wilder

Rob is a Certified Beekeeper and has been with the association since 2014. He is a backyard hobbyist and has been keeping bees for more than four years. He is preparing for his Journeyman Certification test.

Director - Wayne Surret

Wayne is a Certified Beekeeper who enjoys his retirement working with bees and aquaponics. He is a backyard/hobbyist beekeeper who has been keeping bees for about five years now.  He maintains hives at his property Lugoff.